Artist Kit Paulsen
Watercolor Artist Kit Paulsen

It’s hard to describe your own work. Here it is, look at it – what do you think?

I paint the things I’m attracted to, on location if possible; painting on location brings an immediacy to my work not often found in the studio. Some of my work is very detailed; if I am attracted to the intricacy of the subject I will often make a very thoughtful, intricate painting…I love to draw, and so a very detailed drawing is like solving a puzzle for me. 


Some of my paintings are concerned with impressions, the way things make me feel, such as the way the colors of the sunset are echoed on the land…this is looser, more about color and less about detail. I like to paint the light instead of painting the figure; this allows me to show the model without a lot of detail, and also to weave the figure into the background. I try to always keep rhythm and a flowing line in my work. 

I have a never ending fascination with the county fair, and am also enchanted with bull riding, perhaps because I love a huge gnarly sweaty crowd scene with lots of color and motion. My husband and I have just moved from rural western Pennsylvania to somewhat coastal Virginia; my plan is to temporarily abandon painting county fair scenes and focus on the beach. The crowd is just as fascinating, and the water as backdrop is just stellar...all those warm skin tones against the blue! Stay tuned. 

Recent Watercolor Art by Kit Paulsen

Upcoming show alert! I'm just thrilled to report that the LibertyTown Arts Workshop ( will be hosting a show called "New Arrivals" in February; it features the newest four members of that awesome art space; myself, Beverly Brown, Pearl Horng, and Lorraine Serbinski. Opening reception is Feb. 4th; show hangs til Feb. 27. For the uninitiated, the LibertyTown is here in Fredericksburg; it's a 13,000 square foot space with 60ish local artists in 27ish studio spaces. Potters, oil painters, wood workers, fiber artists, watercolor painters, welders, pastel painters, blacksmiths...classes in a variety of disciplines...a new theme show every month in the front gallery space...this place has got it going on! Most of the paintings you see below will be in this show.

Here are some brand new paintings from an October show called “Making Waves”, a collaboration between myself and Jennifer Galvin. Jen does paintings with paper pulp; I’m totally captivated by her work and have seen no one else do what she’s doing! Check out her art at


Click on the painting to view it at a larger size and see price and description. Many more of my paintings are on the “Recent Work” page…