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Bull Riders Wear Plaid

Bull Riders Wear Plaid


Image size 16" x 20"

Framed size 26" x 30" 


I love bull riding. Watching the spectacle, though; not actually riding. This painting evolved from a series of photos taken at the Avella Arena, in western PA, at a SEBRA event (Southern Extreme Bull Riding League). Bulls were provided by Buckin' B Cattle Company. The cowboys - some waiting to ride, some post ride, either successful in staying on or thrown off - all had some version of plaid on that day. They were in various stages of hilarity, trepidation, calculation and intimidation. It was so cool to be behind the scenes for an intimate look, with a snorting bull in the foreground. This was professionally and lovingly framed at the Jeff Edwards Gallery; it is in a beveled distressed white over wooden moulding, which suits it to a T.

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