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Collecting Seashells

Collecting Seashells



Image size: 14 ½” x 22”

Framed size: 25 1/4” x 32 ¾”


This beach scene, hot off the easel, is from a series of photos taken at my neice and nephew’s wedding in Punta Cana. All my family, celebrating, at a really nice resort on the ocean - what could be better? I took a plethora of photos of this sunset, knowing that the background was killer…I wanted to have a variety of beachgoers to choose from. My favorite, of course, is the earnest young girl perched in shallow water, sifting through sand to find the perfect shells to add to her collection. I’ve discovered a gold gouache paint made by Windsor Newton; it’s metallic and glittery, and was delightful to add to both coastline and sand.

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