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I Like to Eat Alone

I Like to Eat Alone


27" x 33" $700.00


There are five horses in this painting; can you find them all? Left to right, we have Flash, the gold horse I learned to ride on; Jack, a red sorrel who was truly loving but difficult to ride; Barzon, tucked in behind Jack, who was part Thoroughbred and very fast; Utah, foreground, eating alone; and Levi, the black and white paint (Levi was mine;I boarded the others). He was a great trail horse and would go absolutely anywhere with no hesitation. Good times! Pattern is the theme in this one...repeated shapes convey the rolling and dipping of the landscape, cradling the horses and the farm in the background. This was professionally and lovingly framed at the Sewickley Gallery and Frameshop; it is in a 1" maple moulding.

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